Thursday, August 29, 2013

Not Fearing The Future Enoiugh

People Don’t Fear Climate Change Enough - Bloomberg:

I wonder how people developed the tendency to focus on today or the immediate future more than 100 years from now? It seems to be a mystery to a brilliant guy like Cass Sunstein.

For some odd reason, Cass doesn't mention debt. I wonder which is a greater threat to the next 50 years in the US? Something like 80T in unfunded FICA, Medicare, BOcare + 17T going rapidly to 20T of US Bond debt.  $100T debt. or the potential of a degree or two of extra temp ... a potential that has currently been on hold for the last 15 years.

Since debt is 100% human created for sure, I'd find it to be MUCH more controllable, predictable, and better understood than global climate. Let's assume that current climate change IS human caused ... I'd assume we can all agree there are many other factors as well? The climate has fluctuated significantly over all of it's 5B year history, and for LOTs of that, we were definitely innocent!

Anyone think we are likely to focus on our debt issue anytime soon? Compared to "Global Warming", it is a .000001 on the degree of difficulty to deal with. Let's just solve our debt problem in the US in the next decade to show how adult we are,  and then in the following decade we can take on the planet's climate.

I'm reminded of the chain smoker worried silly about flying. Or maybe more appropriate, the teen that is going to save the world, but can't quite find the time to clean their room.

Not only do humans think more about today and tomorrow than they do about 100 ... or even ONE year from now, they ALSO tend to make up paper tigers to focus on rather than actual items staring them in the face.

Thus, let's worry about "Global Warming" rather than debt, economic collapse, Syria, Egypt, power grid fragility, black urban violence, cancer, heart attack, car accidents, the collapse of the family, illegal immigration,  cleaning our room. ....

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