Monday, September 30, 2013

Only Republicans Were Harmed in This Propoganda

The American Spectator : Extremely Extreme Extremists:

And other myths. America is and will in the future pay a giant price for the total malfeasance of the current Democrat leadership and the compliance of the media.

Just read it ... no doubt you have heard PLENTY of the other side of the story.

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Still More Climate Follies | Power Line:

I've been listening to the response to the report on MPR, the "95% confidence" is the lead story. Sub-stories are things like "Hurricane Sandy, Floods, Storms, big weather changes ..." are ALL now PROOF of "Global Warming". The climate elite is in the process of "doubling down" as it becomes completely clear that their predictions are and have been very wrong. In Science, one learns perhaps MORE by understanding that ALL Science is at best "true for the moment" due to the problems of induction, but without complete devotion to the requirement that DATA, not hypothesis, is king, it is just witchcraft, not science at all.

When the data fails to match your model, your model is what is wrong. Doubling down means that you are desperate, a gambler, a politician, an ideologue, a believer, a charlatan, but you are no longer a scientist. A scientist searches for Scientific Truth ... which requires very common admissions of defeat.

In the excellent book, "The Moon in the Nautilus Shell", Daniel Botkin points out a key phrase that fits so well with current Warmist thinking ... "in spite of appearances tot he contrary". When one who is supposed to be a scientist starts talking like that, they are on dangerous ground.

What isn't discussed or even generally reported are things like the huge North Polar ice cap growth in 2013 including 20 yachts frozen in as a result of trying make the NW passage.

As we see in the PL article, the Warmists have taken to pointing out that "30 years isn't climate" ... which makes one wonder why 1980-2K was such a big "trend"?  They are also starting to realize that "the map is not the territory" and "the model is not reality". Models help us understand things if we are careful to realize that a ship in a bottle and a ship at sea are two very different things.

We have now spent 15 years of reality failing to follow the models of the warmists, and in 2013 we fell outside the bottom range in which their models said there was "no chance" of happening relative to temperature projections.

In the words of Richard Feynman:

"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong."

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ramirez Cartoon, The BOcare Shuttle!

Michael Ramirez Cartoon:

I'd have to say that the cartoon paints a more coherent picture than BOcare ... one can look at it and know what it is, but it gets the point across about as well as I've seen!

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

BOcare, Shutdowns and Cruz

Cruz on cloture | Power Line:

My view on BOcare at this point is that if you enemy is digging a hole, it is best to just let him proceed in peace, if not to quietly arrange to give him a shovel.

The problem of course is that BOcare is part of the elaborate "progressive" grave system for Life, Liberty, and the US as we once knew it. It becomes hard for thinking and caring people to stand by and watch the extremely rapid decline of a once great nation before their eyes. Sadly we crossed that rubicon when the SCOTUS declared BOcare constitutional by saying the "Commerce Clause" gives the government absolute power, and the re-election of disaster.

So at this point, the nation is fast failing and the best that the opposition can really do is to make it clear that we are not in favor of the destruction and show clear alternatives.

That is my problem with the shutdown. In a sane universe, it might be quite wise to defund something that is devastating for the economy and liberty in general, but after two elections of BO, people ought to be able to realize that this is NOT a sane universe! A government shutdown will be seen as all due to the Republicans, and since our economy is about as solid right now as a 100 year old blind woman on ice in a rainstorm, it could give BO and the MSM one more chance to dodge their responsibility.

My view is that with the declining workforce participation, incomes, dis-incentives to work, loss of foreign stature, rampant corruption,  cultural breakdown and a host of other problems, the only way back from this point is it to get bad enough for people to realize that we really MUST value competition, value work, value family, value character, value the American system and regain the idea of identifying with some sort of "dream/outlook/philosophy" by which America IS (or at least was) "exceptional".

A nation dedicated to "getting by" is not long a nation.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Understandable Hate and Attempted Christian Killing

Judge Richard Roberts’s Troubling Confusion | National Review Online:

I find the very idea of a "hate crime" to be an abomination. Either it is a crime or not. I certainly understand degrees of murder based on "intent", and the difficulty of determining that in some cases ... was it or was it not pre-meditated, was it REALLY accidental, etc, but given the human condition, we need to do our best with those things.

But hate? Effectively it turns out to be an extra penalty that can be selectively hauled out and used against certain people in certain cases. It is open discrimination at it's worst codified in law. Was the victim white? Well, then it can't be a "hate crime" ... unless they were gay.

So a guy goes into an organization with the admitted intent of killing as many supposed "anti-gay people" as possible and shoving Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in their mouths and is stopped.

Nobody even hints that it may be a "hate crime" -- the intended victims were in favor of the many thousand year old rule that marriage was a relationship between men and women, so, the fact that one would want to kill them has nothing to do with "hate".

In fact, they have no right to hold that position -- it makes THEM "haters".

The judge can side in with the views of the criminal in this case, shorten sentencing, and other than a very few right wing nut-jobs like me, nobody cares.

Wanna bet what would happen if the guy had wanted to kill blacks or gays and a judge had acted similarly what kind of media storm would ensue??

Do we STILL not understand what the path was to Germany eventually killing millions of Jews and nearly the whole population just looking away??

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Monday, September 23, 2013

BOcare for Government Employees, Slam Dunk?

Paul wants to end health care subsidies for chief justice | The Daily Caller:

I certainly don't agree with Rand Paul on a lot of issues, but I have a hard time understanding why this one isn't a 100% slam dunk for right, left, and all in between.

If BOcare is good, then they ought to be beating down the doors to be on it. If it is bad, then the government workers will raise holy hell to make it better or have it repealed ... which if it is bad, I'd assume that all but the total knee-jerk BO worshiper would agree with.

What are the arguments against this? I'd like to hear the liberal party line.

Here is all I can think of:

BOcare is only for those that can't afford better -- it still sucks to be them, it just sucks less than it does now according to us ... but the important part is that the healthy ones THINK they are better off. Hell, even if they die we still get their vote!

BOcare is like welfare and environmentalism. It never actually "helps" anything except making us the liberal elite feel better about ourselves than we already do! Man, it is GREAT to be left, in power, and beating those parochial old style jingoistic "americans" like a rented mule! Yo Mao, Che Guevara and Saul Alinsky! Go team Satan! If we could just gas the House of Representatives, this would be heaven on earth ... or Cuba, which is the same thing!

Hey stooge, BOcare is politics, just like the "stimulus". We pay off the voting blocks we want how we want to, and we punish those that don't vote for us. Government workers vote for us, so they get special treatment. Chicago way baby!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Remember Scooter

Democrats Walk Out on Benghazi Victims | Power Line:

The right answer is really "No F**king comment".

One's heart aches for men of honor like the Seals who die alone in foreign lands while our worthless elected slugs won't even expend the effort to sit and listen to testimony.

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Totalitarian Anarchy

The March to Anarchy -

As I've covered many times, far left is complete state control, far right is anarchy ... no government.

I see that our "progress" to totalitarianism has gone so far that our current left media now sees not having government healthcare 100% as they want it  ... no matter how poorly defined, understood, expensive, and damaging to the economy, as "anarchy".

When "Leviathan" and other such treatises were written, "anarchy" was the "state of nature, tooth and claw". Apparently we have "progressed" so far that an argument about the funding of state controlled health care can be proffered with a straight face by a major MSM outlet as "anarchy".

Orwell let us know that the slide to totalitarianism meant that the meanings of words would be changed.
"Marriage" for example can now be between two people of the same sex, a concept that has no meaning relative to the term as used for thousands of years.

"Anarchy" has gone from "no government" to "a bit less government".

The march of "progress" to it's totalitarian conclusion quickens.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Military Intelligence, Government Control

Vetting military contractors: How did Navy Yard gunman get in? -

and other oxymorons.

Good and decent people can be "controlled" ... or more basically harassed, restricted, regimented and generally oppressed. They WANT to "do what's right" ... bludgeon 50-70% of the population with enough propaganda ... "We need more gun control". "The problem is Republican intransigence". (there has never been another non-dictatorship with an opposition, right?) "The government will guarantee your retirement, security, healthcare, education, safety, happiness, self-esteem ... eternal life"??

Those that trade freedom for security get neither!!!!!

How gullible are the masses? VERY!

This was a controlled access military installation folks! This guy was ALREADY ineligible to purchase a firearm, but he DID, through legal channels AND got government security clearance!!

The government that some people want to trust with their health care, all sorts of controls on their right of self defense, management of the economy, their retirement, controlling the borders of the nation, and basically controlling every single aspect of their pitifully shrinking lives, can't control access to it's own facilities, and safety of personnel at THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT WORKPLACE!!

Note also that he primarily used a SHOTGUN, Slow Joe Biden's favorite weapon!

The fact that ANYONE can with a straight face claim that this is a new reason for "gun control" is proof that many in our nation have TOTALLY lost the capability for reason and independent thought.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Benefit to the Poor, Reagan vs BO

The poor: Reagan vs. Obama | TribLIVE:

Oh, but the GAP got worse under Reagan!! Indeed ... zero has the strange property of staying at zero, so when "the richest" get richer, it tends to increase the income gap. It is just that the poor did much much better under Reagan if one can tear their brain away from envy for a just a second.

The left is much more concerned about envy than results, so everyone being at zero would theoretically be fine with them -- it is "inequality' that bothers them. In a lefty NFL, all the games would be zero zero ties all the time.

Golly, I just can't wait until those Regressives get everything their way!

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Benefit to the Poor, Reagan vs BO

The poor: Reagan vs. Obama | TribLIVE:

Oh, but the GAP got worse under Reagan!! Indeed ... zero has the strange property of staying at zero, so when "the richest" get richer, it tends to increase the income gap. It is just that the poor did much much better under Reagan if one can tear their brain away from envy for a just a second.

The left is much more concerned about envy than results, so everyone being at zero would theoretically be fine with them -- it is "inequality' that bothers them. In a lefty NFL, all the games would be zero zero ties all the time.

Golly, I just can't wait until those Regressives get everything their way!

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

TIME: America Weak and Waffling

Ace of Spades HQ:

Well, for the rest of the world at least. See how much attention our MSM thinks the man in the street pays to the news of the world? Sort of like when Arafat would say one thing in English and another in Arabic ... he assumed that the Western  MSM would never bother to xlate, since he told them what they wanted to hear.

Sure, it is hard to keep up, but Forrest Gump had it pretty right, "Stupid is as stupid does". We richly deserve what we are getting from BO.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Syria : Ever Hear of Vietnam?

James P. Rubin: With the Syria Crisis, America’s Role in the World Is Steadily Shrinking - Newsweek and The Daily Beast:

So NOT LOSING in Iraq due to the virtually single handed W "Surge" was what killed "liberal internationalism"?

Let's see, we lost over 50K troops in Vietnam and < 5K in Iraq ... I'm thinking that is a 10x ratio, and we exited Vietnam with our tails firmly between our legs, but exited Iraq under BO with at least a ton of our objectives accomplished -- where in Vietnam it was ZIP! If LBJ could have done as well in Vietnam as W did in Iraq, he would have been canonized as "the greatest since FDR".

There is "bias", then there is abject blindness of the sort that can't tell shit from shinola!

So after the MSM and the Democrats spend YEARS convincing themselves that Iraq is a "loss", and Vietnam never happened, they look around and wonder "where did American confidence and capability go?".

Our role is shrinking because we have completely lost touch with what it means to be "American" vs "Progressive" ... and in fact, "progressive" is REGRESSIVE, thus we shrink!
It was George W. Bush who set in motion the events that caused the American consensus on liberal internationalism to splinter and finally collapse. Although his goal of promoting democratic change echoed Kennedy, the methods and the incompetence were unique to his administration. In trying to pursue nation building in Afghanistan and Iraq with few international allies, and then failing so spectacularly, Bush shattered America’s confidence in its international leadership. It is worth recalling how tall America stood after the fall of the Taliban in 2001: our adversaries—North Korea, Iran, even China—feared not only our overwhelming military power, but also our skill at leading the world into action. Soon enough, however, that sense of American strength and leadership was gone.
So the problem in Syria is "Bush". Why did we ever bother to elect BO? Is he ever responsible for ANYTHING!!?

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Colorado Stealth Gun Recall

Waking a Sleeping Giant in Colorado | National Review Online:

Expect this to get less coverage that an Aussie shot in the back and killed by bored black kids.

Big liberal districts, two state legislators (first in CO history) go down in a recall election because of getting overly aggressive on gun control.

As the Democrats say "voter suppression" ... ah yes, each Democrat victory is precious, real and laudable. Victories for Constitutional and Natural Rights are "suppression".

Even in a rapidly dying nation, there are still pockets of people that didn't get the complete Statist memo ...

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hurricane Meaning

Hurricane Humberto ruins shot at a 2013 record -

So we came within hours of breaking the "latest in the season for a hurricane since records were kept".  I looked that up ... 1851.

We can't say ANYTHING about "Climate" based on records since 1851 and a one year happening, so I won't. "Climate" happens over thousands and tens of thousands of years, as in glacial and inter-glacial periods that have been happening on 10-20Kish intervals for at least the entire Quaternary period of 2.5 million years that we are currently in the Holocene epoch of.

We certainly CAN however say that those that confidently predicted more hurricanes due to Global Warming, with the crescendo in that area being reached for Katrina in '05 have been proven completely and totally WRONG!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Supporting WWIII!

Heh: Kickstarting World War III: “Not Like Those Other Republican Wars” | Power Line:

Hey, a war for the 99%! Grass fed bomb and hybrid Prius Tanks! Really puts the "liberal" in "Neo-liberal" ... it's good because Obama is for this one!

Damned funny little video, perhaps America can come back some day from even Obama??

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Worse Than "Jenjis Kahn?

"Flipper" in the past ... his pronunciation may be correct for all I know, but in America the harder "G" is usually the way it is heard.  So is Assad on the same level as Genghis Khan, and thus similar to US troops in Vietnam, or is he worse?

Monday, September 09, 2013

The World Is Going to End On ...

The Ice Is Cracking . . . Er | Power Line:

As late as '07 we were going to be "ice free by 2013" ... oops, the ice has ADVANCED since last year.

Back in 2006 I wrote about how far off the very confident post Katrina predictions on how OBVIOUS it was that there would be more "Superstorms" like Katrina than ever before due to Global Warming, and how Katrina was kind of W's "just desserts", since he was somewhat of a "denier".

Katrina was PROOF of Global Warming ... but wait, if there are LESS storms, what is that "proof" of??

The mark of science is CORRECT and REPEATABLE predictions. So far the warmist predictors are no more successful than the religious "the world is going to end on ..." guys.

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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Canadian Perspective on Collapse of US

Collapse of American Influence Recalls Dis-Integration of Soviet Union, Fall of France - The New York Sun

Good to hear what our formerly more "progressive" neighbors to the north think about us.

Back when W was in office, the opinion of anybody else in the world with a negative view of W or US policy was very important to be shared widely and prominently! Wonder whatever happened to that attitude?

I fear he is WAY too optimistic about how easily this might be "fixed". I sincerely doubt that BO and the warmist fanatics will allow the US to become energy independent, and even if we did, two elections of BO are proof positive that our problems are much deeper than that.

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Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics

Police: Missouri man secretly exposed partner, maybe 300 more, to HIV -

Or COYOTE, which was a legalize prostitution group back when things were really just starting to roll on the "let's just throw God out and have fun ... especially with sex". A short perusal of this article reminds us of just how well that works.

Oh, but there have been problems with Catholic Priests, so religion is no answer. Right.

Brilliant logic ... there are still problems with infections caught in hospitals, so why don't we just throw out the whole ridiculous sterile protocol stuff? It definitely doesn't stop all infections!

Ah, the wise ways of man left to his own very limited devices.

I'm always mystified why the "progressives" believe that sex, drugs, abortion and the related "marriage" now, need to be "completely free choices", but soft drink containers, wages, work rules, seat belts, having more money than they think proper, how much water your toilet uses when it flushes and pretty much any other detail of life needs to be controlled to within a gnat's eyelash.

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Friday, September 06, 2013

Putin Declares the Obvious

Putin: John Kerry Is A “Liar” | Power Line:

I remember the MSM glee when some schmuck threw a shoe at W. I imagine that they would want nuclear retaliation were the same to happen to BO. Oh for just a tiny hint of balance.

So Putin knows that Kerry is a liar and is willing to say it? Good, gives me more confidence at least some world leaders still have a handle on reality!

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More Cowbell

Krugman: Obamanomics “an Astonishing, Horrifying Failure” | Power Line:

So even Krugman now things BOnomics is a failure. Not that one should put any stock in what someone that blasts deficits under one administration and then constantly harps that they are "too low" under another.

Still, it seems that at least we have a reasonable consensus that BOnomics sucks!

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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Winter Soldier Gets Heated Up

HURT: Tales of atrocities, as told by John Kerry - Washington Times:

Mr "I was for the war before I was against it", once the gung ho tough guy with THREE (count them) Purple Hearts (all without so much as a DAY of hospitalization!), has taken a "firm" position on chem weapons in Syria!

Kerry, "firm position" !!!??? ... oxymoron? I sure think so!

This guy is all out for John Kerry ... which is better than his boss who is out to destroy the "colonial powers", but still not what one would call "leadership".

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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The BO Bad Example on Syria

Opinion: How not to run a foreign policy - Elliott Abrams -

Watching BO is often like watching Barney Fife on the old Andy Griffith show. Downright painful. BO finally makes Carter look good, and he is the actual embodiment of what the left fantasized W to be. (except their imagination wasn't as bad as BO turned out to be),

He attacked Libya without so much as a whisper of "I need Congressional approval". So what the heck happened now? Andy take the bullet out of his gun?

Thinking people that care about America, a declining minority as evidenced by the last two presidential elections, are left in a real dilemma.

This article argues that Syria has to be struck for their use of chemical weapons. Is that a principle? Saddam used them multiple times, taking out whole villages of Kurds and also against Iranian soldiers. Do we value Syrian lives more than Iraqi or Iranian?

The assumption that Saddam had chemical weapons since he had used them was enough to get Kerry, Hillary, Joe B and many others to vote for boots on the ground military action with W in the WH. Do we need to find chem weapons this time to validate a strike? Would it be "a lie" if we didn't find them?

My guess is that what we MAY do with a strike is inhibit Assad's ability to deliver further chem weapons against his own people. Will it inhibit Assad's ability to deliver chem weapons to Hezbollah, which has 5K troops fighting with Assad?  Seems very doubtful.

What happened to the theory that "attacking Iraq makes us LESS safe"? Does attacking Syria have any effect on our security? Good, bad, indifferent? The evidence would seem to be that attacking Iraq did not make us at least MEASURABLY "less safe", but that was a real removal action, not cruise missiles at a few select targets.

 Is the BO encouraged attack on Syria intended to simply "police the world"? Use chem weapons NOW (post Saddam) and the US will unilaterally attack you? Does that work as an inhibitor?

Does that make us safer, less safe, or don't we care since our newfound "chemical morality" trumps issues of national interest?

But all these considerations are largely moot. BO certainly has the right to attack Syria as commander in chief. He himself affirmed the right in Libya. So what REALLY is a vote against his request? Or for it for that matter? It is some sort of Mime or Kabuki dance with potentially grave foreign policy repercussions.

It breaks new ground on amatuer, incompetent, incoherent foreign policy. It proves that the BO is the baddest example we have for a "president" to date. Not that I actually believe he cares. My belief is that he told us in "Dreams from my Father" that he is there to destroy the US as we know it, and again, he is doing one hell of a job!

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