Monday, September 23, 2013

BOcare for Government Employees, Slam Dunk?

Paul wants to end health care subsidies for chief justice | The Daily Caller:

I certainly don't agree with Rand Paul on a lot of issues, but I have a hard time understanding why this one isn't a 100% slam dunk for right, left, and all in between.

If BOcare is good, then they ought to be beating down the doors to be on it. If it is bad, then the government workers will raise holy hell to make it better or have it repealed ... which if it is bad, I'd assume that all but the total knee-jerk BO worshiper would agree with.

What are the arguments against this? I'd like to hear the liberal party line.

Here is all I can think of:

BOcare is only for those that can't afford better -- it still sucks to be them, it just sucks less than it does now according to us ... but the important part is that the healthy ones THINK they are better off. Hell, even if they die we still get their vote!

BOcare is like welfare and environmentalism. It never actually "helps" anything except making us the liberal elite feel better about ourselves than we already do! Man, it is GREAT to be left, in power, and beating those parochial old style jingoistic "americans" like a rented mule! Yo Mao, Che Guevara and Saul Alinsky! Go team Satan! If we could just gas the House of Representatives, this would be heaven on earth ... or Cuba, which is the same thing!

Hey stooge, BOcare is politics, just like the "stimulus". We pay off the voting blocks we want how we want to, and we punish those that don't vote for us. Government workers vote for us, so they get special treatment. Chicago way baby!

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