Saturday, September 28, 2013

BOcare, Shutdowns and Cruz

Cruz on cloture | Power Line:

My view on BOcare at this point is that if you enemy is digging a hole, it is best to just let him proceed in peace, if not to quietly arrange to give him a shovel.

The problem of course is that BOcare is part of the elaborate "progressive" grave system for Life, Liberty, and the US as we once knew it. It becomes hard for thinking and caring people to stand by and watch the extremely rapid decline of a once great nation before their eyes. Sadly we crossed that rubicon when the SCOTUS declared BOcare constitutional by saying the "Commerce Clause" gives the government absolute power, and the re-election of disaster.

So at this point, the nation is fast failing and the best that the opposition can really do is to make it clear that we are not in favor of the destruction and show clear alternatives.

That is my problem with the shutdown. In a sane universe, it might be quite wise to defund something that is devastating for the economy and liberty in general, but after two elections of BO, people ought to be able to realize that this is NOT a sane universe! A government shutdown will be seen as all due to the Republicans, and since our economy is about as solid right now as a 100 year old blind woman on ice in a rainstorm, it could give BO and the MSM one more chance to dodge their responsibility.

My view is that with the declining workforce participation, incomes, dis-incentives to work, loss of foreign stature, rampant corruption,  cultural breakdown and a host of other problems, the only way back from this point is it to get bad enough for people to realize that we really MUST value competition, value work, value family, value character, value the American system and regain the idea of identifying with some sort of "dream/outlook/philosophy" by which America IS (or at least was) "exceptional".

A nation dedicated to "getting by" is not long a nation.

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