Sunday, September 08, 2013

Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics

Police: Missouri man secretly exposed partner, maybe 300 more, to HIV -

Or COYOTE, which was a legalize prostitution group back when things were really just starting to roll on the "let's just throw God out and have fun ... especially with sex". A short perusal of this article reminds us of just how well that works.

Oh, but there have been problems with Catholic Priests, so religion is no answer. Right.

Brilliant logic ... there are still problems with infections caught in hospitals, so why don't we just throw out the whole ridiculous sterile protocol stuff? It definitely doesn't stop all infections!

Ah, the wise ways of man left to his own very limited devices.

I'm always mystified why the "progressives" believe that sex, drugs, abortion and the related "marriage" now, need to be "completely free choices", but soft drink containers, wages, work rules, seat belts, having more money than they think proper, how much water your toilet uses when it flushes and pretty much any other detail of life needs to be controlled to within a gnat's eyelash.

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