Friday, September 13, 2013

Syria : Ever Hear of Vietnam?

James P. Rubin: With the Syria Crisis, America’s Role in the World Is Steadily Shrinking - Newsweek and The Daily Beast:

So NOT LOSING in Iraq due to the virtually single handed W "Surge" was what killed "liberal internationalism"?

Let's see, we lost over 50K troops in Vietnam and < 5K in Iraq ... I'm thinking that is a 10x ratio, and we exited Vietnam with our tails firmly between our legs, but exited Iraq under BO with at least a ton of our objectives accomplished -- where in Vietnam it was ZIP! If LBJ could have done as well in Vietnam as W did in Iraq, he would have been canonized as "the greatest since FDR".

There is "bias", then there is abject blindness of the sort that can't tell shit from shinola!

So after the MSM and the Democrats spend YEARS convincing themselves that Iraq is a "loss", and Vietnam never happened, they look around and wonder "where did American confidence and capability go?".

Our role is shrinking because we have completely lost touch with what it means to be "American" vs "Progressive" ... and in fact, "progressive" is REGRESSIVE, thus we shrink!
It was George W. Bush who set in motion the events that caused the American consensus on liberal internationalism to splinter and finally collapse. Although his goal of promoting democratic change echoed Kennedy, the methods and the incompetence were unique to his administration. In trying to pursue nation building in Afghanistan and Iraq with few international allies, and then failing so spectacularly, Bush shattered America’s confidence in its international leadership. It is worth recalling how tall America stood after the fall of the Taliban in 2001: our adversaries—North Korea, Iran, even China—feared not only our overwhelming military power, but also our skill at leading the world into action. Soon enough, however, that sense of American strength and leadership was gone.
So the problem in Syria is "Bush". Why did we ever bother to elect BO? Is he ever responsible for ANYTHING!!?

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