Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hurricane Meaning

Hurricane Humberto ruins shot at a 2013 record -

So we came within hours of breaking the "latest in the season for a hurricane since records were kept".  I looked that up ... 1851.

We can't say ANYTHING about "Climate" based on records since 1851 and a one year happening, so I won't. "Climate" happens over thousands and tens of thousands of years, as in glacial and inter-glacial periods that have been happening on 10-20Kish intervals for at least the entire Quaternary period of 2.5 million years that we are currently in the Holocene epoch of.

We certainly CAN however say that those that confidently predicted more hurricanes due to Global Warming, with the crescendo in that area being reached for Katrina in '05 have been proven completely and totally WRONG!

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