Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Military Intelligence, Government Control

Vetting military contractors: How did Navy Yard gunman get in? -

and other oxymorons.

Good and decent people can be "controlled" ... or more basically harassed, restricted, regimented and generally oppressed. They WANT to "do what's right" ... bludgeon 50-70% of the population with enough propaganda ... "We need more gun control". "The problem is Republican intransigence". (there has never been another non-dictatorship with an opposition, right?) "The government will guarantee your retirement, security, healthcare, education, safety, happiness, self-esteem ... eternal life"??

Those that trade freedom for security get neither!!!!!

How gullible are the masses? VERY!

This was a controlled access military installation folks! This guy was ALREADY ineligible to purchase a firearm, but he DID, through legal channels AND got government security clearance!!

The government that some people want to trust with their health care, all sorts of controls on their right of self defense, management of the economy, their retirement, controlling the borders of the nation, and basically controlling every single aspect of their pitifully shrinking lives, can't control access to it's own facilities, and safety of personnel at THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT WORKPLACE!!

Note also that he primarily used a SHOTGUN, Slow Joe Biden's favorite weapon!

The fact that ANYONE can with a straight face claim that this is a new reason for "gun control" is proof that many in our nation have TOTALLY lost the capability for reason and independent thought.

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