Thursday, September 19, 2013

Totalitarian Anarchy

The March to Anarchy -

As I've covered many times, far left is complete state control, far right is anarchy ... no government.

I see that our "progress" to totalitarianism has gone so far that our current left media now sees not having government healthcare 100% as they want it  ... no matter how poorly defined, understood, expensive, and damaging to the economy, as "anarchy".

When "Leviathan" and other such treatises were written, "anarchy" was the "state of nature, tooth and claw". Apparently we have "progressed" so far that an argument about the funding of state controlled health care can be proffered with a straight face by a major MSM outlet as "anarchy".

Orwell let us know that the slide to totalitarianism meant that the meanings of words would be changed.
"Marriage" for example can now be between two people of the same sex, a concept that has no meaning relative to the term as used for thousands of years.

"Anarchy" has gone from "no government" to "a bit less government".

The march of "progress" to it's totalitarian conclusion quickens.

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