Saturday, October 12, 2013

Barry's Brownshirts

From the Vietnam Memorial | Power Line:

It is hard to believe the combination of arrogance and petulance that brings the leader of what was once the greatest nation on earth to such overt and self defeating measures. If we had a Free Press ... meaning one whose brains could see sides of stories other than left, these kinds of actions would bring the ire of the nation down on BO.

As it is, we have to rely on getting the news from a few bloggers that have left the left reservation.
At the Vietnam Memorial two park ranger goons stood at the entrance to the wall, near the requisite barricades. The intention clearly was to intimidate people from entering the memorial area. Fortunately, many people simply ignored Barry’s Brownshirts and walked down to the wall. My wife Thuy, who was born in Vietnam, accompanied me (photo above left).
These people in DC are dangerous, and we the people need to stand up to these attempts to intimidate and abuse us.

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