Friday, October 11, 2013

Cooler Surrealism

Obama "Happy That Cooler Heads at Least Seem To Be Prevailing in the House" - Reason 24/7 :

This "cooler heads" comment was up at the top of CNN yesterday. It just seems completely surreal to me that a president whose position is "I won't negotiate", then says "I'll negotiate AFTER I get an extension with nothing attached", comes out with this "cooler heads" thing relative to the people he would actually be negotiating with.

The House is the origin of all budget bills. Budgets required negotiation, and we are required to have one by law. Only we DON'T!  So the Republican majority in the House that was just as "duly elected" as BO has only the lever of the Budget to use, and BO and the Democrats refuse to have one, so we have shutdowns!

The ONLY choice Republicans have is to be completely irrelevant, or use these few levers!

Would somebody that was actually going to negotiate come out with the "cooler heads" comment against the very people he is supposedly now going to negotiate with?

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