Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Dumb" Americans

Opinion: America's problem -- we're too dumb - CNN.com:

Since "dumb" really means "unable to speak",  my rule is that anyone calling anyone else dumb (unless they can't speak) should probably not be speaking themselves.

Some thoughts:
  • American's INTELLIGENCE is AVERAGE ... just like every other nation. 
  • Our problem is that we don't really do "education" anymore ... we do childcare, indoctrination, self esteem improvement and stifle independent thought (as you can guess, 90% of my teachers hated me!) 
  • Our founders, nor any actual student of humanity would ever suggest anything like a real democracy, which we keep slouching toward. Half if the population us BELOW average, and by following the kind of excuse for education that we have been for 60+ years ... left wing liberal union non-competitive democrat indoctrination, rather than actual LIBERAL education ... meaning multiple sided, grounded in REAL history rather than "victim oriented" history ... that "average" is dropping all the time. 
  • A REPUBLIC is supposed to let some proper "elite" rise to the top and run the country as "statesmen" rather than "special interest organizers". Sure, the "elite" get elected, but the assumption is that they would be oriented to STEWARDSHIP of the culture, society and history of the people and nation. Our "elite" are those that do an especially good job of soaking up the propaganda ... of which the column author clearly qualifies. We need a TRUE LIBERAL elite ... which means strong education in classics, history, religion, philosophy, business ... essentially Western Culture with a major in American culture. 
  • I thought we DIDN'T want to be "exceptional" in the old positive sense? In order to be at the top in these kinds of rankings we would have to have people motivated to think that competition and working hard were GOOD things, not "exploitation". We are totally reaping what we have sowed and now this columnist is complaining? Why, I'd bet dollars to donuts that he is NOT in favor of "exceptionalism". Try to be mediocre, and you usually end up lousy. 
  • His solution is to start the indoctrination earlier??? Hello?? This is the old blood letting logic ... if things are looking bad with the amount we are doing, let's do more!
Americans may well now be poorly educated and confused, but it is mostly BECAUSE of our education and media system, and the LAST thing we need is to double down on that disaster!

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