Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Go Ahead, Make My Day

Memo to GOP: If Obama Won’t Compromise, Don’t Raise the Debt Ceiling | Power Line:

In one of my favorite Dirty Harry scenes, the bad guy has his gun pointed at the temple of the innocent waitress and is staring at the business end of a .44 mag with a very relaxed but focused looking Harry Callahan on the trigger. In 5 short words Harry makes it clear that the only question here is 2 deaths or none, but Harry is completely fine with 2.

The linked column makes a good case for the Republicans making BO the same offer as Harry makes relative to the Debt Ceiling. It is long, as things must be in more complicated world, but I'll do the very short summary here and it is worth the read especially if you don't believe me.

No doubt you have heard that not raising the Debt Ceiling is UNTHINKABLE! Remember when Sequestration was unthinkable ... irresponsible, economy killing, etc, etc? Well we have been living under the horror of Sequestration since March 1! In the tradition of Democrat chutzpah very similar to Slick Willie crowing about "a balanced budget" after getting full political hay out of evil Republican cuts IN THE RATE OF GROWTH in federal spending, BO has been shamelessly crowing about the deficit being "under 4% of GDP" ... which it would not be without the "unthinkable" sequestration "cuts" in the rate of spending growth.

  1. "Default" is an absolute LIE! The US still takes in plenty of money to service the debt! If BO is petulant enough to graduate from putting up "Barrycades" on uncontrolled monuments to purposely engineering a US government default, then there is no real reason to believe he would not start nuking US cities for "spite" ... give those "bitterly clinging" red state yahoos what BO sees as "justice". 
  2. We have no budget. We haven't had one for 4 years. This is al, immoral, stupid and a whole lot of other negative adjectives. The fact that less than 20% of American people (likely FAR less) have a clue about this whole mess shows that we can no longer self-govern. We have completely lost any semblance of truth based mass media, and the bulk of the population is so brainwashed by the combination of left leaning education and swimming in the MSM sewer that they are unable to function as citizens. 
  3.  Given the above, a "Cap" is the best that can be achieved. We are hemorrhaging red ink at a rate that were the other party in the WH would be a national scandal / outcry if the level that would be make Watergate, Vietnam and the OJ trial seems like small stories!

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