Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kneeling at the Barrycades, Yes We Cone!

Mark Steyn: Manning the Barrycades of punitive liberalism | government, budget, shutdown - Opinion - The Orange County Register:

It is a crying shame that the MSM cannot appreciate and shields the public to the best of their ability from the irony of a president with a name selected for the moment of his getting aid as a foreign student 20's being so fake and small minded as to close an open monument at greater expense than leaving it as it was.

"Normandy wasn't officially open either". Uttered by a WWII vet to the hapless Park Gestapo. Priceless! Indeed ... the kind of spirit that BO and his minions are golfing tirelessly to stamp out.

The true motto of the BO administration is not really "Change"!  but rather "Kneel"!

Of course as the feds ventilate some poor whacked out woman last week we see some difference in the ideas of "use of force". Black kid on top of you wailing on you with blows and swearing he is going to kill you??  Better just take it and hope for the best. Woman driving around in a car playing Barricade Bumper?? Extreme prejudice baby!

My personal shutdown favorites are the "Barrycades", "Spitehouse" and "Yes We Cone!"

Good Steyn column, take the time.

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