Thursday, October 03, 2013

Maybe Presidents Are Supposed to Lead?

There Are Those Who Say Lord Obama Has No Responsibility for Gov't Shutdown - Hit & Run :

We know the actual algorithm used by the media is much simpler ... Republicans are at fault. When there were shutdowns in the '80s they were Reagan's fault, when there was near shutdown under HW Bush, it was his fault. When there was a shutdown under Clinton, it was Gingrich's fault ... and etc.

In the early 2Ks it was even very legitimate to hold the government hostage on the debt ceiling ... no less an authority than BO himself voted against raising the debt ceiling with a lot of sanctimony on the evils of deficits. It is fortunate that it is metaphysically impossible for Democrats to by hypocrites!

Converting the House of Representatives responsibility into mailing in "Clean CRs" would seem to grab more people as something rather odd, but apparently we have slipped a very long way.

Anyway, the column is worth a read.

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