Monday, October 07, 2013

Reality, Politics, The Left

The Emerging Offer | National Review Online:

Good little article covering the current REAL negotiations between the House and Senate. Worth a read, some thoughts:

  • POLITICS is part of the reality of a Democratically elected Republic. The budget is to be a MAJOR part of those politics. 
  • The solution to politics is Dictatorship ... which is what BO, Reid, and the MSM want. A "Clean CR" simply writes the House out of the process. The people that voted to elect a Republican House would have NO VOICE, and according to the Constitution they ought to have at least a 25% voice ... 50% BO, 25% each for House and Senate ... SCOTUS being "the referee" 
  • Most sane people hate politics ... it is like not wanting to be a mortician, or a sewer guy, or a used car salesman, etc. But diversity of thought being a reality, SOMEBODY wants to do every distasteful job  ... and in the back of our minds we know that dead bodies piling up or having a dictator are the outcomes of going with our collective "common sense" ... or at least we USED TO on the politics. 
  • Were the House in Democrat hands and the WH in Republican, the media would be LOUDLY making the point that the Democrat Majority (in this example) was every bit as much elected as the President and in fact, since there were MORE OF THEM, and they were "the underdog", maybe a bit more! 

If people ever come to their senses, the kind of reporting in this column might be a good alternative to the current general drivel ... it is pretty much just reporting on what is happening. Doesn't tell you how to think about it, doesn't try to make it dramatic ... "just the facts" like old Joe Friday.

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