Thursday, October 17, 2013

Settled Politics

A Teachable Moment -
 "This means that the still-ongoing intra-conservative debate over the shutdown’s wisdom is not, I’m sorry, the kind of case where reasonable people can differ on the merits and have good-faith arguments and ultimately agree to disagree. There was no argument for the shutdown itself that a person unblindered by political fantasies should be obliged to respect, no plausible alternative world in which it could have led to any outcome besides self-inflicted political damage followed by legislative defeat, and no epitaph that should be written for its instigators’ planning and execution except: “These guys deserved to lose.”"
Got that? Since this is NOT the kind of thing where "reasonable people" can have another viewpoint, it is like Global Warming. You MUST agree with our position or you are by definition INSANE (the more direct statement of "not reasonable")! It is only because of the current good graces of our ever benevolent left wing that even though we are 100% surveilled, they don't in fact lock up the insane opposition?

Having a budget worked though both houses and signed by the president? Insane!

Having checks and balances where people that vote in the opposite party into the House assuming that the House has "the power of the purse"? INSANE ... bring the King a clean resolution so he can spend as he sees fit. He need not deign to negotiate with the lowly House!

Running trillion plus deficits as far as the eye can see? REASONABLE ... why anyone would have to be insane to think otherwise!

Converting 1/4 of the US economy to a government directed system that is cronyized in the true "Chicago Way" with graft, exceptions, subsidies, etc for political friends, and mandates, penalties and fees for political enemies on a purely executive whim basis. VERY REASONABLE! Why this law passed by one vote in the Senate because it was part of the "budget" ... which was never passed. Get over it, it is INSANE to question the power of his supreme odiferousness BO!

Ah yes, the one must get their mind right!

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