Friday, October 11, 2013

The Creation of Pseudo Meaning

When liberals became scolds:

Good column by George Will. Without Religion and the "Chain of Life and Being" that says that the created universe is meaningful because God has a purpose for it, meaning is extremely hard to impossible to come by.

So what we have is human manufactured pseudo meaning, such as the assassination of JFK was meaningful in that it showed how horrible the "Right Wing" in America had become.

Got that? Lee Harvey Oswald had emigrated to the USSR and just a few months prior to the assassination, he had met with the KGB in Mexico City volunteering to be a spy. He was so hapless that they didn't even want to deal with him. He was as much a communist as any ideology, but he was primarily just a kook.

JFK may as well as fallen down in the bathtub, but of course that was unacceptable to the left, so they manufactured a very false meaning, but that is pretty much the standard for leftward thinking.

No God, no truth, no meaning, no peace, no morality. Nietzsche was right about the result if God is gone, WILL is all that remains, and the strongest WILL to create, dominate, propagandize, etc are what remains. For what purpose? To serve those with the strongest will.

Right now, in the age of BO, God seems to be losing and The Will of BO seems to be winning, but my allegiance is still to God. It looked a lot more grim at Calvary, but he won that one.

I disagree that liberals BECAME scolds at the point of JFK, that is one "another fine example". FDR was a huge scold, Wilson and Teddy were at least just as bad. "Progressivism" may as well be called "scoldism", because they are ALWAYS sure that they know better! I mean, don't the laws of physics and evolution guarantee that things will always get better?

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