Monday, October 07, 2013

The Crime of Existence

Stephen Hawking’s Warped Moral Calculus | National Review Online:

The Jews have been a thorn in the side of much of the world for millennia. The original "chosen people" ... Jewish exceptionalism is very old.

Partially due to the innate nature of Jewishness, and partially due to the "Boy Named Sue" factor of being constantly hated, there is good reason for their difference and distinction.They learn multiple languages as part of a standard education to be able to read and understand their religious texts ... ancient and modern Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Yiddish, etc along with the multiple languages associated with being a "nation without a homeland" for nearly 2K years. Typical family members would have Russian, English, German, Spanish, etc language roots.

One of the best predictors of someone being good at writing software is being multi-lingual. It certainly helps in world commerce and general brain flexibility. On top of that, having a strong religious base for thousands of years has held the Jewish culture in good stead.

So people hate the Jews, and apparently Stephen Hawking is no exception.

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