Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Reality of Hopelessness

Barack Obama’s Era of Hopelessness | Power Line:

BO's 2nd autobiography was titled "The Audacity of Hope". Only certifiable narcissists write TWO autobiographies prior to age 50, but maybe our next potentate will have written even more than that ... Stalin, Mao and Hitler all had extremely high opinions of themselves as well.
So the Age of Obama has brought the percentage who think America’s best days are still ahead down from 45% to 31%, while the number who think our best days are gone has risen from 37% to 52%. Great work, Barry. This is your true legacy: hopelessness.
The MSM is WILD about negative polls when a Republican is in the WH ... when W was in we seemed to get the "right track / wrong track" and "W's poll numbers fall", etc with great regularity.

So people think that the US has very little future. Duh! We are over 17T in debt, have over 60T in unfunded liabilities. Our economy is anemic, our people have no sense that productive work is positive, and our population is just a bunch of drug addled aging geezers.

Bend over and kiss your "B(ack) Orifice" goodbye!

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