Saturday, November 30, 2013

BO Bagger, Emmerson Stupid

Obama (Allegedly) Uses ‘Tea-Baggers’ in Handwritten Response to Texas Teacher; Only Center-Right Notices | NewsBusters:

I give this story about a 50/50 or maybe slightly less of being true. The nice thing about being loved by the MSM is that most likely, BO won't even have to deny it, true or not. Where W OTH had to put up with all sorts of CONSTANT rumors and innuendo from everything to 9-11 being a Conspiracy, to "God having told him to invade Iraq", etc.

There is such a double standard it defies belief. I ran across this relative to Tim Tebow the other day .. try to imagine if Tebow was Gay, or Muslim, or even Black, rather than Christian one could only imagine the outcry.

Of course, that would pale in comparison if a conservative commentator suggested that somebody defecate in Michelle Obama's mouth ... as a opposed to Sarah Palin's mouth. How civil can one get??

Oh, it is ALL OK since it is SO stupid to compare debt to slavery. Remember how stupid Emmerson was?

“A man in debt is so far a slave.”

Slavery / debt is a VERY common comparison and has been FOREVER! I'd bet dollars to donuts that if one did some looking they could find an utterance from his worshipfulness BO to that effect. Why not? When one is in debt, their treatment in the future is handed over to the one who owns the debt. Will the Chinese treat our offspring better or worse than Negro Slaves were treated in pre-Civil War America? 

One might want to look at current N Korea treatment, Japanese prisoner of war camps and current Chinese treatment of Tibetian prisoners before one started calling Emmerson stupid!

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