Monday, November 25, 2013

Don't Throw Me Into the Filibuster Brier Patch?

Filibuster Rope-a-Dope? | Power Line:

An interesting angle. Since the "Progressives" succeeded in changing election of Senators from being a function of the Governors and State Legislators as the founders intended, to being direct statewide election in each state, the Republicans have never had a 60+ advantage in the Senate.

The Senate is the chamber most likely to end up in Republican hands from time to time given "land power" vs population power of each state having two Senators ... BUT, it is likely their advantage will be by a NARROW MARGIN rather than the full 60 vote trump card.

So the Democrats may have just blasted their own foot! Those that don't bother to read a history book or think for a bit can hardly complain.

Oh, I can only imagine the weeping and gnashing of teeth if the Republicans repeal BOcare with 51 votes and do a rule change to appoint a conservative to the SCOTUS at some point!

So am I a hypocrite? YES, that is why doing the the power grab was a mistake of epic proportions as I covered here.  We are ALL hypocrites! Short sighted, limited in our appreciation of the complexities and subtleties of changes we make in law, society and institutions like the Senate.

The "Progressives" rip out the very cornerstones that were the common ground that allowed us to live civilly, and then lament the loss of civility!

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