Monday, November 25, 2013

Free Speech For Me, Not for Thee

2013: Year of the Left-Wing Billionaire | Power Line:

Good article that covers some extra detail on the simple facts of money and politics.

  1. The Democrats always have more total money and more rich people giving them money. 
  2. The Democrats constantly complain about money in politics and try to make it illegal for any Republican Donors to make political contributions (eg. "Citizens United") 
In a nation of over 300 million people, it takes money to "speak". Democrats are STRONG believers in one party rule(theirs), and freedom of speech that espouses their position.

Other political parties and people who are not in agreement with them should follow a simple rule. 


... and if they fail to do as they are told, the Democrats are perfectly willing to FORCE them to shut up! Via, auditing their taxes (their way, "wrong" political view = criminal!), prosecuting them on some odd law about "whatever" (maybe they have a toilet that uses too much water), releasing some embarrassing personal information that they either found or made up, or simply finding the disagreeing speech to be "offensive" or "hateful" (words that have come to mean "disagrees with Democrat position). 

We live in simple times, and they keep getting simple. Be a Democrat,  OR ELSE!

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