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Losing Children to the Left

Conservative Parents, Left-Wing Children | RealClearPolitics:

This one is way way too close to home. The seminal paragraph to me is this:
As a father, my purpose is not to pass on my seed, but to pass on my values. Just about anyone can biologically produce a child. That ability we share with the animals. What renders us distinct from animals is that we can pass on values. As the Latin puts it, animals only have "genitors;" humans have "paters." Or as the Hebrew has it, parent (horeh) comes from the same root as teacher (moreh). That is why Judaism puts teachers (of religious/moral values) on the same plane as parents.
Typically for conservative parents, that goes double or triple. God, Church, Family, Personal Responsibility, Morals, Tradition -- all these are dear to conservative parents, and in fact, had they not believed that they were good enough parents to be able to transmit their values rather than just their genes, they would likely have never had children. Things like children tend to not "just happen" to conservatives -- they had very high hopes and took a tremendous amount of responsibility to do all they could for their kids to successfully receive the values that they believe to be crucial to a good life on earth and eternity to come.

The article covers the obvious leading cause. Caring parents pay thousands and tens of thousands of dollars to have their child indoctrinated by the left wing educational system at a time in their life when human nature demands they break away from home. The godless, humanist largely socialist educational system just gives them an extra large shove in areas that one would argue they have no business even touching.

The destruction of western civilization through the corrupting of the youth goes at least back to "The Abolition of Man" by C. S. Lewis, published in 1943. The rather short book does a very superb job of showing how modern education produces "men without chests" ... or to put it another way, "without a heart". No proper/beneficial sentiments ... those must be learned (and not removed by the schools and the culture). Things like honor, awe, humility, compassion, reverence, etc.

The proof of the heart removal is in the callous manner in which they trample on the faith, the values and the traditions that they know to be as dear as life itself to their parents -- in fact of eternal significance. As Christian Parents are faced with the heartbreak of godless children, they possibly experience a minuscule sliver of the loss Christ felt has he hung on the cross and was forsaken by God.

"God and Man at Yale" from Buckley in the '50s and "The Closing of the American Mind" in the 60's from Bloom further document the disease that is destroying all of value in Western civilization.

The article talks of the sadness, which is unavoidable and terrible.

For Christians though,  through a lot of tears and despair, it is yet another prod to realize that ultimately God is in charge and having done all that we were able to do as parents, it is time to "let go and let God" -- all be it with MUCH prayer for his intervention. 

Family is important, but God is to be TRULY FIRST. Our primary joy is not be from earthly things, and that sadly includes even our children. 

Martin Luther leaves us with "A Mighty Fortress is our God" 
The Word they still shall let remain
Nor any thanks have for it;
He's by our side upon the plain
With His good gifts and Spirit.
And take they our life,
Goods, fame, child and wife,
Let these all be gone,
They yet have nothing won;
The Kingdom ours remaineth.

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