Friday, November 22, 2013

Nuclear Ratchet to Tyranny

The Most Comical Hypocrites of All, the New York Times | Power Line:

All people are hypocrites, that is why we once had the Bible, Classical History and the Constitution.

"Progressives" are required to be both liars and hypocrites ... since they ascribe to the obvious fantastical and known to be incorrect belief that "historical progress is always positive". They share this with Marx -- for whom the arc of history toward Communism was a "given". Even though the 20th century saw more human lives snuffed out by godless Socialist or Communist states than all the previous wars of history, "Hopeful Change" is still viewed as a guaranteed path to earthy nirvana by the brand of hypocrites that call themselves "progressive".

So now the Filibuster is dead in the Senate and we see what Democrats really think of "respect for the minority". Oh we are told it is "only for certain Presidential appointments". Oh really. BOcare was passed with < 60 votes in the Senate under the rubric that "it was a budget measure". No, the seal has been broken, America's headlong descent to mob rule as clicked another large tooth on the ratchet of doom as we slide farther into tyrannical rule by the mob, no doubt to be followed by "rule by THE PARTY".

On NPR yesterday the hosts were chortling with joy, and when they talked to a Republican Senator that was in disbelief that this had been done, they kicked their derision up another notch with, "well, if you don't like it, you can change it BACK if you are ever in the majority!" ... ha, ha, ha!!

There is the rub. Since all humans are hypocrites, non-totalitarian civilization demands that we all bow to SOME "higher power" that we ALL agree we will HONOR and hold SACRED. Formerly that was Judaeo-Christianity that allowed Western Civilization to be built. Then there were Constitutions -- largely based on the Bible and the Magna Carta, along with Greek and Roman knowledge about limiting the power of Leviathan (the government) and the proper relationship of all the classes of society. Yes, we once knew that there were just increments in the status and capability of people. We still do, we just claim we don't these days.

"Change it back". Indeed, the myth of Pandora, or the touching rendition of same in Disney's "Sorcerers Apprentice" is completely lost to the promethean narcissistic monsters that currently rule both our political and popular culture. Agreed to limits?? Ha!! Why don't you foolish "conservatives" follow your own foolish rules IF you ever gain power again!

Constitution? God? Rules? Tradition? To hell with all of them! Like Lucifer in the Garden, GIVE US POWER!!

And so it slips away, click by click, drip by drip, and when it is completely gone they will say "how could this have happened".

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