Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pushing You In Front of the Train

Good article. My title comes from its reference to the old "if you had to decide to push one person in front of a train to save 5 others, would you?" To most of us it seems obvious that the answer is "no", but to a number of people -- and I'd bet it is an increasing number, the answer is "yes".

Of course any Democrat would be happy to push "the rich, the responsible, the successful, the religious", or some other group that they dislike in front of the train in favor of some group they deem more "worthy".

The whole article is worth a read, but I really liked this paragraph:

The generation that voted in Barack Obama as president is new in American history. They were raised to mistake support of grievance-mongering for caring, special treatment for justice, and self-indulgence for sacred rights. They were taught to reject and be ashamed of our national values of freedom and responsibility. Freedom makes those who are irresponsible look bad, because they fail. Millennials mistake conservatives' love of freedom and responsibility for cruelty and racism. They have been taught people's problems are always society's fault, not that people learn from mistakes and grow strong by solving their own problems. They've bought the Big Lie that government can and should solve people's problems.


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