Thursday, November 14, 2013

Reality Bites, Early BOcare Edition

Obama in Bind Trying to Keep Health Law Vow -

Much like the only thing wrong with incest is the relatives part, the only thing wrong with Liberalism is reality.

Sure, it would be great if everyone could sit at home, get stoned, watch Oprah and live off a government check while the Chinese and future generations of immigrant and single mom raised kids covered the tab, but then reality intrudes.

So BO and the Democrats promised;  "We will force evil insurance companies to cover you even if you only show up AFTER you have been diagnosed with cancer ... and oh, yeah, will get the same rate as a Mormon marathon runner your age. Hell, EVERYONE, the chain smoking alcoholic single mother of 6 of the same age included will get the same rate, and it will be LOWER THAN TODAY!!! "

One would think that after listening to inane sales pitches of "$19.99 today only! Guaranteed not to rust, bust, collect dust, chip, crack or peel, or your money back" for year after year, there might be some skepticizm.

But no, the nation fell for the equivalent of the Nigerian Bank 10's of million dollar check and all you have to send is a few thousand!

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