Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We're All Democrats

“Remember boys, we’re all Democrats” | Power Line:

Or at least those in power are -- in both the executive branch and increasingly the judicial.

Why suddenly go for the "Nuclear Option" at this juncture?

Two reasons:

1). The one covered in the linked article. Because the DC Circuit Court hears the cases relative to the BO power grabs when law is made by executive fiat. As in "you can keep your health insurance for another year because **I The Supreme Ruler** have declared it!! You didn't know we had a Supreme Ruler? Well, you certainly wouldn't by listening to the MSM, but there is no other explanation for what BO did to delay the employer mandate and to suddenly declare invalid policies valid for ONE MORE YEAR!

2). A diversion from the disaster that is BOcare. We can expect a constant stream of these ... Oh! Thus just in! We have capitulated to the Iranians on their Nuclear Program and called it a diplomatic coup! Why don't you all chatter on that for awhile and pay no attention to BOcare, website promises or otherwise!

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