Friday, December 20, 2013

An Inconvenient Shooting

The highly inconvenient Arapahoe High School shooter | Human Events:

I was pleasantly surprised Sunday to see this as the banner headline on CNN:

I was  very glad to see CNN request prayer for this young woman clinging to life in a coma, I'm afraid I have more imagination of the horror for her family than I would like, but the depth of the anguish gives new meaning to tragedy for those that love her.

But why? Don't they usually demand further gun control? Don't they usually delve deeply into the potential motivations of the shooter?

The linked Human Events article covers the details, but essentially the MSM is at a loss to know what to say:
  1. It happened in Colorado. They just passed hugely draconian gun control laws. Why did they not work? Clearly not a question that the MSM thinks you need to even think about.
  2. The shooter used a shotgun ... the "good gun", endorsed by no less than VP Joe Biden. Nuff said. 
  3. There only being a single victim is most probably because the school had an armed deputized officer on site who correctly and courageously  ran to the gunfire and forced the shooters hand. Likely to see any thanks for a job well done? NOPE ... this is what the NRA suggested after Sandy Hook last year and was duly castigated for being "insane, unreasonable, ridiculous, etc".

     "We learned from this" is something that never happens to the MSM nor the left in general! Let's face it, when you lack the humility to acknowledge there is a God that is WAY superior to your intelligence, "I screwed up" isn't really in your vocabulary. Their agenda is absolutely fixed and it makes no difference how many die until they get the Power and CONTROL that they want! 
  4. It appears that the shooter was a very argumentative left leaning sort. Certainly NOT the kind of thing that one wants splashed all over the media. Now if on the other hand the student had been RIGHT leaning? 
So a shooting that provides evidence very much in line with what the "Gun Nuts" have been saying forever goes by with the general public, MSM and left elite learning not a single thing!

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