Saturday, December 14, 2013

Attacked by Average Person of Indeterminate Sex and Race

Racial Profiling Comes to Minnesota | Power Line:

Seems that many of the crimes around the U of M are allegedly being carried out by what are no doubt erroneously described as "young black males". Oh for shame. That supposedly educated people in a supposedly advanced progressive state like MN would be so biased as to describe a perpetrator in such an obvious racist and sexist manner!

I'm thinking that in the tradition of George Zimmerman, "White Hispanic", many of these perpetrators are likely "Black Hispanics", or "Black Whites", or ideally "Average Persons of Indeterminate Sex and Race"!

I believe that the universal description ought to be "Average Person of Indeterminate Sex and Race" ... for Shaquille O'Neil, Danny Devito, Michelle Obama or Laura Bush. We are all really the same when one thinks about it ... at least in a modern "progressive" sort of way.

We live in a country where "equality of result" is possibly our last remaining value, let's celebrate it!

I can hear the nightly news now "Police are looking for an Average Person of Indeterminate Sex and Race who raped and killed another Average Person of Indeterminate Sex and Race in the U of M DinkyTown area last evening. If you have information about this crime, pleased contact police."

Eventually, we will all be "just people" in a race free, gender free and sexual orientation free world. (no doubt ageist, spiecist, sizeist, etc will be conquered as well) So it will be plainly and simply "One person raped and killed another person last night".

At that point, we can all feel really good about ourselves ... well, maybe except for the dead person and those that care about them, but on balance it will be a far more just world, so we can all feel just a bit smug about that!
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