Saturday, December 21, 2013

BO Executive Order Crushes Gravity

Crush GOP obstruction, and reduce inequality now! -

First, the Shakespeare quote that we all need to constantly remember:
Glendower: I can summon spirits from the vasty deep.
Hotspur: Why, So can I or so can any man;
                         But will they come when you do summon them?

"Progressiveism" is a fundamental fallacy. It is built on the incorrect idea that "change = progress = better". It confuses ends with means, so has the unfortunate effect of often creating the opposite of what it's stated objectives are. Anti-poverty plans create more of it, "jobs" plans cause greater unemployment, attempts to improve healthcare make it worse, more expensive, and less available.

As the Shakespeare quote would indicate, the knowledge of this very human of failings has been well covered since antiquity ... the Bible, Greek Mythology, standard children s tales for ages have warned us that it is oh so human in our hubris for our reach to exceed our grasp ... and then we fall.

"Killing the goose that laid the golden eggs" is the standard lefty response to "inequality". Better to have all the masses in cinder block mausoleums and only the goodhearted Politburo running around in the high quality Zil limos (GM Suburbans here). At least it "reduces inequality".  Beside, everyone is so happy after they stand in line for three hours and get a bar of soap ... they feel like they always imagined Bill Gates felt as they look at the poor fools still in line when the soap ran out.

Our human ability to "crush" is so petty. Hitler did a fine job of it for awhile, Stalin and the USSR in general certainly did a tremendous job on the Russian spirit, and then the US had our day. We once thought that "freedom" was a great idea for most of the planet, now we have a hard time letting our own people quote scripture.

Now China and likely based on population and the Arab world, will do their share of "crushing". I'd say that BO has already done a hell of a job of crushing the "colonial powers", but it is sort of cheating when the major one is so stupid they elect you to be their "leader".  Oh, the joy of the "crush". It is a lefty approximation of what used to be the "Christmas Spirit". Before that became offensive.

But they won't crush Christianity, since Jesus has declared that his church will stand. They won't actually crush any of the laws of physics nor human nature either in the end. Certainly such foolishness as the idea that just raising a minimum wage is helpful will do a lot of harm, but there is no way to convince people that are that far gone other than by horrible destructive results.  So be it. This planet needs a new ice age to freshen things up, and I'm guessing it is coming a lot sooner than expected.

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