Thursday, December 05, 2013

Canonization of the Mob Experts

Gaseous Anomalies, Or What Would We Do Without Expert Forecasts? | Power Line:

We were confidently told in the 70's that the "energy crisis" was ABSOLUTELY caused by the FACT that the planet was running out of oil. It was more certain than global warming is today.

In the '90s and early 2Ks we were even more confidently told that there were no oil reserves in the US that could POSSIBLY allow us to be energy independent.

Today we KNOW that the "experts" and the "Settled Wisdom" was completely wrong on both counts.

We are headed to sub-zero temps here in Rochester tonight and tomorrow night ... something that has not been an early December phenomenon for the past decade or so, but was certainly more common 30 - 40 years ago. We will no doubt hear that this is "weather" as opposed to "climate" ... something that I would whole heartedly agree with. I'd also say that anything less than 100 years is ALSO "weather".

My view from my lifetime, the reasonably accurate records since late 1800's, reasonably accurate documentation of things like the "little ice age" and "medieval warming period" in the last couple thousand years, plus the 450K years of records in the Vostok ice cores is that the "settled science" of human caused global warming is in the process of discovering the chilly effects of reality as "peak oil" already has.

"Progressivism" is highly dependent on the theory that "experts" can lead mankind to heaven on earth by "educating / conditioning / training / modifying" the "common man",  or "proletariat".

There are really only 3 major problems with this:

  1. The "experts" are often wrong. 
  2. The "experts" are no "better / intelligent / moral / etc" than the "common man" ... they just think they are. In fact, they are SURE of it!
  3. Once corrupted by power, the mere mortal "experts" will go to ALL lengths to "prove" that they are "correct / superior / moral / etc". The "all" includes sanctions against those who would dare question their position up to and including death. Millions have been the victims of this in the USSR, Nazi Germany, China, Cambodia, North Korea and other egregious examples in the last 100 years or so. 
Right now our own 2nd place progressive Poobah, Slow Joe Biden, is arguing with the Chinese Poobahs over wether the Chinese should or should not expel some US journalists for pointing out that the Chinese Poobahs are "corrupt". 

Joe and BO prefer to keep a lapdog media, audit some tea party folks, keep close surveillance on everyone's communications, and just call their opposition names (so far). The BO admin meeting with the Chinese is like the Godfather mob getting together with the the Sopranos mob to discuss methods! 

One thing is certain, both sets of "experts" will be RIGHT! (or in this case, LEFT!) 

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