Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Coldest In 18 Years

Earliest Subzero Temps Since ’95; More Bitter Cold And Snow Coming « CBS Chicago:

As I'll say over and over, 18 years isn't "Climate", neither is 40 or 50. One certainly has to be over 100 years to talk about Climate vs weather and weather patterns. It was cold (and hot, it was very extreme) in the 1930s. The 60's and 70's were pretty cold winters at least in the upper midwest ... the snowmobile craze really took off and we had some of our deepest snows and coldest winters.

In WI, the coldest temperature recorded was -55 in Feb in '96. This link shows the coldest temperatures recorded by state.

Historically, "the weather" was the safest most non-controversial topic one could talk about. It is a strong sign of the politicization and coarseness of our culture that even the weather has now become a controversial political topic that various media outlets will align their reporting of hot temps or cold temps around!

Enjoy the cold! Go ahead and mention that it is cold and say Merry Christmas! Our society needs to ratchet it's Political Correctness fussiness down a WHOLE BUNCH of notches!

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