Thursday, December 05, 2013

Duck Dynasty vs Elites

Duck Dynasty baffles New York:

It really doesn't "baffle" NY, NY ****HATES*** DD!!

The fantasy would never happen. The DD guys would roll their eyes, go off to some other enjoyable pursuit, and wait for the PETA dweebs to get tired and bored. Certain to happen VERY soon.

BTW, were it to actually happen, Ellen would be road kill just like the other fools.

We are SUPPOSED to live in a "pluralistic society" ... you screw whatever sex (and no doubt soon "species" and "age") that you like, and we all leave one another alone. "Civilized"

Let's not be beholden to any tired old religious morals! (uh, "civilization" for a few thousand years was equal to religion, but never mind)

Oh wait! ANIMALS! Now THEY have RIGHTS .. that certainly exceed any unborn human babies so-called rights, and really any supposed "rights" that "non-native" humans think they have! (If you are "native",  kill at will)

In the perpetual "liberal" (fascist) view of "rights for me, none for thee", whatever gay pride marcher in naked regalia has pretty much UNLIMITED "rights", but the DD guy in cammo with a shotgun is supposed to kowtow to your random Hollywood Elite.

Ah, the fantasy universe that can only be reified by the VERY strong arm of the state.

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