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Fake Turkey, Fake Life, Fake Nation

Media feasting on Bush 'fake' turkey claim; false story still repeated 10 years on - Washington Times:

I ran into this today after posting this yesterday.
“It’s a real theme in so many people’s minds, it’s almost got a religious aspect to it,” said Tim Blair, a columnist at The Daily Telegraph in Australia who has tracked the story over the past decade and said it has taken on a life of its own, playing on people’s perceptions of the former president. “If you’re of the anti-Bush faith, it’s a touchstone. It’s the book of turkey.”
Yes, and there is "the book" of "misunderestimated", "Mission Accomplished", "Bush Lied", and countless others. Back then, raising the debt ceiling was in the words of a certain BO "a failure of leadership" ... today of course NOT raising it is "unpatriotic", "holding the people hostage", etc, etc.

... and the MSM fails to even point out the obvious hypocrisy as BO brays on. Not very likely they will be dwelling on any fake stories 10 years after the fact with BO!

I probably knew 10-20 people that were deep in the throes of "Bush Derangement Syndrome" during his time in office, and no doubt most of them still are. (the condition seems to be terminal).

The problem is that when politics is a religion, it isn't politics, as it generally is not on the conservative side because the majority of people on that side have REAL religion! ( eternally effective vs not even real at all, a wonderful trade)

The media and the left want to reduce this all to "both sides do it", but in point of fact, the whole education system, NPR, NBC, NYT, etc, etc are a lot different from a few Christian schools, NRO, a few Bloggers, Fox News and Talk Radio. More people maybe ought to treat NPR exactly like Fox News and "Harvard Studies" like "Liberty University Studies" (meaning ALL have their specific biases and axe to grind), but I really doubt that is happening anytime soon. So I keep hammering.

My thesis is that ALL people have religion, marriage and children -- and many other things, because they are wired into the species. The objects of those elements were also ordained ... God, Husband/Wife, real human children.

Modern America has so cut ties with reality that people replace God with Politics, Diet, Job, Status, Possessions, etc and claim they have no religion. Only they still do, it is just false.

And then they get Married ... to their "significant other", or their job, or their cause, or their house, and believe that they are "free of marriage". Only they are still married ,,, just not naturally so. ("Gay marriage" is just one tiny example of fake marriage.)

Then they have their pets, or their relatives kids, or their birds, or their social cause, or "the poor" on which they lavish the attention naturally intended for children.

While this all goes on the real country falls in ruin, families cease to exist, and the population of "Caucasians of European decent" falls below replacement level and withers away. Which is considered "good", and to not consider it good is "racist", since pride in your heritage is racist if your heritage is not Black, Hispanic, or American Indian. (Asian heritage seems to be OK as well ... possibly because they have seen fit to commit demographic suicide for their own reasons as well ... misery loves company).

Over half of America and greater percentages than that in Europe, China and Japan live in a Fake World. They have lost their connection with both the real and the spiritual universe -- a condition that I believe is unavoidable once the connection with the spiritual is lost. The Spiritual is more real than the material (seen by modern man as "real"), so once it is lost, the obviously UNreal material universe (see quantum mechanics) has no anchor.

America is especially vulnerable because it was founded on an idea. You remember, that ALL men are CREATED equal, endowed by their CREATOR ,,,"

Other nations are founded on race, ethnicity, religion or territory. If there is no Spirit and no Creator, then there is no America, because America WAS that fundamental idea,

Since we are a nation founded on an idea, the educational system and the MSM turning away from the fundamental basis of our existence as a nation is more than just "partisan" or "divided" or "progressive". It means that vast swaths of our population truly are no longer Americans, because they no longer believe in the idea on which we are founded.

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