Tuesday, December 10, 2013

God Loves BOcare

In Government We Trust: The Progressive Religion - Derek Hunter - Page 1:

Nothing new here to longer term MooseTracks readers, just a new case of the same old "Liberalism as Religion".

Ed Schultz and Chris "Kneepad" Mathews channeling God and "morality" on BOcare is especially rich. Suddenly the man upstairs has decided to embrace Democrats, turn a blink eye to 10's of millions of aborted babies crying out in pain, to wholly embrace the outsource of human care and charity to Big Government. I'm sure God was and is equally thrilled with the Godless USSR, Nazi Germany, China, Cuba, etc.

Pretty decent article, a teaser:
In nearly every way government has replaced religion in the progressive sphere. It is the grantor of rights, the arbiter of morality, the moderator of justice, the compass of true north. Government is the religion, and the agenda is God.
Any act done in service to the agenda is justified; the end is what matters, the means are irrelevant. That’s how you rationalize selling big lies, known lies, to a public wanting to believe your snake oil is the cure for what ails them.
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