Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hard Facts of Soft Landing

Chinese spacecraft lands on moon -

So China takes another step on achieving what those of us young in the 60's were almost universally enamored with, the race to put a man on the moon.

Unlike the US in those days however, China has a plan for the moon. They seek to "exploit" it for energy, manufacturing and possibly military purposes.

"Exploit" ... I might have just went with "use", but I purposely put in the "dirty word". It isn't a dirty word, it is the essence of humanities march up from the muck. Our large brains allow us to "exploit" our situation to greater advantage than others. Alas, they also allow us to chew our cud and contemplate our navels.

I still believe that China's big weakness is lack of freedom, **BUT**, I realize that is totally a "hope and belief" vs some supposed guarantee of history. I BELIEVE that freedom will defeat tyranny, and that that faith in God will defeat faith in Man (government, government systems), but even very solid historical evidence gives no guarantee for the future. Sadly there is no time limit ... it may be true, but it may be a thousand years in coming again once the light of America is fully snuffed.

China has used technology to "lengthen the leash" on their people. If one thinks of the old USSR as an actual prison with walls, guards and locks (the Berlin Wall makes that analogy pretty easy), China is more like a bunch of folks running around with ankle monitors.

The USSR was not able to control radio and the onslaught of Internet technology, so the people in their prison became too aware that they were in a prison. China is a different culture, more prone to following central authority, AND more interested in the idea of being "the greatest on earth" ... "Chinese Exceptionalism". Not BO American Exceptionalism
 "I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism. "
The Chinese are on to the  OLD kind of American Exceptionalism ... the TJR, JFK, Reagan sort. The kind that took us to the moon and defeated the USSR. Can that work with a modified Communist framework of greater economic freedom but still centralized planners holding the keys to the "ankle monitors"? I guess we are going to sit back and see. 

Why is China doing this? I'd argue that there is a natural part of human nature that seeks to expand, grow, learn, become, lead ... "be exceptional". However, it needs to be NURTURED ... there needs to be training to see what is uniquely special about your family, community, culture and nation. 

The US used to have that in spades. God, Family, Community, Country. We were a Christian Nation, "Under God", proud of our heritage, liberty, personal responsibility and self-reliance. 

No more. We sold the soul of America for "security". We sold the desire to grow and expand for "sustainability". We sold our spirit to "multiculturalism" and "pluralism". 

So we see one more sign that the world has a new leading nation. A new nation that will set the model for mankind going forward. BO has won another victory in achieving the dreams that he received from his father. The dream of seeing the "colonial powers" (including America) brought down to or below the level of his tribe and country (Luo and Kenya). 

I strongly suspect that our landing will not be soft, and the depths to which we fall will defy even my rather dark imagination. 

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