Friday, December 27, 2013

Lack of Media Advice for Democrats

How the Democrats React When They Are In Trouble | Power Line:

One of the hard things for us humans is to notice the absence of something. It may be why I'm always hunting for the "inorganic" isle at the grocery store, we Mooses are oppositely abled.

When the Republicans had bad poll numbers for attempting to head off the disaster of BOcare with the shutdown, the media was afire with great  pronouncements and advice: "The End of the Republican Party"?", "Pass BO's programs or cease to exist, "Support gay marriage", "Support Abortion" ... in other words, when Republican polls are down, they clearly need to be more like Democrats! If we could FINALLY just all be of one political party, then this HORRID "partisanship" would finally be put to rest.

But oh, the silence and lack of focus when the shoe is on the other foot.

The "progressive" movement, like Communism and Fascism, really has only two choices:
1). Repeal Reality
2). Kill the Opposition

The REAL problem as the USSR found out is that it has to be world wide. As long as SOME country is willing to do what it takes to compete ... which means a level of economic freedom greater than what "progressives" will allow, even if you kill or incarcerate all your own people that refuse to bow to your progroms, competitive reality will eventually make you toast.

China is very scary ... politically repressive, but allowing personal/business wealth creation, and allowing at least significant religious freedom. I need to take time to study the nuts and bolts of their model more. I have a deep and abiding unease in their level of state control, but when faced with Mob Rule, which I ALSO have a HUGE concern over.

What is the "lesser of two weevils"?

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