Friday, December 06, 2013

Never Met, Lived With, Just Did Some Weed

Obama lived with Kenyan uncle prior to law school, White House says – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs:

It's only a minor detail ... previously they "never met". Now BO lived with him 3 weeks and saw him "occasionally". Nobody cares.

The lack of curiosity about BO is pretty amazing for the MSM considering how wonderful they find him to be! They certainly were VERY interested in any possible (or even manufactured) element of W's past that was less than "Presidential".

Here is an article from Huffpo that talks about his "Choom Gang" of pot smokers, how he would jump in, grab the joint at say "intercepted" so he got more than others (why does that sound like him?), etc.

Here is a nice picture that was apparently published in Time at one point that Snopes "doesn't care" on Apparently it IS Barry, but it may or may not be weed. Again, it is not what one would consider "flattering", so we never see it.

Finally we have this "don't care" 

While "Birthers" have been booed down almost as hard as Global Warming "Deniers", it is pretty well known that Barry used whatever means he could to "operate" from Hawaii to Occidental to Columbia ... if being a "foreign student" got some $$$ it seems pretty clear he was "from Indonesia" ... or Kenya. Whatever worked to get the aid, scholarship, stipend, book deal, etc.

Was he born in Hawaii? Sure, he probably was ... but he also had 5 or so Social Security cards under "Barry Soetoro", "Barack Soetoro", "Barry Obama", etc

It seems that he used being "Kenyan" in his biography as a way to generate more interest ... or the book company did. But whatever.

The point is, it isn't an issue! The MSM has immensely enjoyed bringing up Reagan's divorce, less than flattering movies,  the fact some of his children were estranged from him. W's supposedly checkered National Guard stint, his DWI, and other supposedly damning aspects of his past were also common fare.

I'm just observing that it is MUCH different with BO.

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