Friday, December 27, 2013

Removing the Life From Life

Mark Steyn: Inequality far worse than economic | work, one, health - Opinion - The Orange County Register:

The one area of the Steyn column I wish he would have addressed a bit more is that nobody on either side of the political spectrum has any handle at all on what it is that is going to provide people with work, let alone meaning in their lives in the future.

Which is my answer to the "helicopter parent" article. Maybe parents being TOO involved is some SMALL part of the problem, but I'd argue that "having no THERE there" relative to life in the US is the BIG problem.

So why is it again that "children" ought to finally get out of school by say 26, 30 or so? Certainly not to make money! Money after all is BAAAD!  Have kids? Are you crazy? Didn't you know that "the planet has a fever"? It can't sustain the people we have, and the tempratures are getting crazy hot. We have 5 days of single digit highs predicted here, including one negative high ... oh wait, strike that, this is WEATHER not CLIMATE! It is high temps that are climate, I get so confused.

It seems odd that when one takes the idea of children and a better life for their children away, there seems to be a reduction in life purpose? Oh, you could go join the monastery / convent ... oh wait, God died, this is ALL there is ... so better have as much fun as you can! So why is this guys patient crying?

Well, maybe because our children are going to have to pay off a gigantic debt, they were tax slaves before they were conceived. We are the first generation in a long time who did our best to ENSURE that our kids would NOT be better off, so we could have a cushier retirement and not pay for it! The lamest generation followed the greatest.

Deciding not to reproduce may be good for the planet, but from an evolutionary standpoint I think it is at least questionable. Well, at least there will be Muslims, Mormons, and lots of people in 3rd world hell holes to enjoy our passing.

In case you didn't pick it up, my idea is "faith, family, economic expansion including fusion and space travel". I'm just a Neanderthal!

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