Sunday, December 15, 2013

Shooter Socialist, Never MInd

Denver Post Shamefully Omits Key Detail About Arapahoe High Shooter | Independent Journal Review:

I'm NOT saying that this is definitely true ... in fact I could not care less what his political leanings were. The fact is he did a despicable thing I guess "fortunately" with a shotgun based on the willingness of the left to go nuts had it been an AR.

EVENTUALLY there WILL be a shooter that can SOMEHOW be identified as "right wing" ... maybe by Facebook, some rally they attended, their church, etc. For this the media salivates and just about every time they jump the gun and claim that the shooter was "associated with Sarah Palin (Tucson), "With the Tea Party" (Aurora),  or "Has to be Right Wing, it is Hitler's B-day" (Boston, was a bombing, not a shooting, but being left means you always have Hope for SOME things!)

But alas for the left,  all the shooters so far have been either "left leaning", or so incoherent one could not figure out much of anything about them except how disturbed they were.

It is a sad state of affairs when one feels"glad it wasn't an AR or a pistol", but in fact are very sad because had it been, the poor 15 year old girl would have been much more likely to survive since there is nothing much more deadly than a shotgun at close range. If it HAD been an AR however, we TOTALLY know what the media would be saying even with only 1 dead (the shooter) and one critical.

The left has a dilemma though. They want to collect guns, but they are pretty sure that if they come for all the duck guns and fancy over and under Brownings out there, it isn't going to go well with the electorate!

So the strategy is "divide and conquer". Go for the fairly small set (still millions) of AR owners, then the pistol owners (larger, but still smaller than shotgun). So they demonize ARs and pistols and Slow Joe talks about "buy a double barrel and shoot it off on the balcony". Naturally his advice is tactically idiotic and illegal in nearly every moderately urban neighborhood, but never mind, he is a Democrat. What would you expect?

The left controls the narrative, so shotgun killings by folks that might mean left are not that big a deal. AR killings are HUGE ... the more killed the better, that fits the narrative.

The narrative is CRITICAL, it is how the 90%+ think, because that is the story they are fed. We hear very little about first snowfall in 112 years in the Mideast, because that doesn't fit the Global Warming narrative.

Much like "follow the money", "follow the narrative" (and then THNK FOR YOURSELF!) is excellent advice!

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