Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Strip Search Diplomacy

Arrest, strip-search of Indian diplomat in New York triggers uproar -

I'm thinking that this is another one of the breakthroughs of the BO presidency that is going to be a huge boon to everyone on the planet just getting along!

I thought NYC had a BIG problem with Diplomatic Immunity due to the UN being there ... everything from rape, to parking tickets and unpaid bills, but WAIT, this is the age of BO! What is the sin that gets even a Foreign Diplomat arrested and strip searched!!
 But Bharara said Khobragade's treatment was justified. He cited an 11-page complaint that alleged she had promised in the visa application under which her housekeeper moved from India to the United States to pay her at least $9.75 per hour, the minimum wage in New York, and to require that she work no more than 40 hours per week.But the complaint alleges that Khobragade then had the housekeeper, who has been identified as Sangeeta Richard, sign a second contract, which paid her less than $3.31 per hour and required that she work much longer hours.
Ah, she brought someone in and paid them less than the the NYC minimum wage!! Obviously, "the moral issue of our time" (income inequality) has been violated, and the perpetrator MUST be punished!!! 

No doubt people from other countries will see the logic of this and realize that even Diplomatic Immunity has limits! If a US Diplomat breaks a similar level of cultural taboo in a foreign nation, the privileges of Diplomatic Immunity will be summarily revoked, and they will be punished accordingly. 

Why, in an Arab nation, I'm CERTAIN we would be JUST FINE with a US diplomat being caught in gay sex being either burned, stoned or thrown from a "high place". After all, that is something that THEY find to be "moral issue", so certainly we would have no problem respecting that!

THE HORROR! How could someone from India even THINK that they would get away with paying someone the kind of wages that they would pay them at home in India in this country! FOR SHAME! Clearly we have a COMPLETE AND TOTAL RIGHT to force our most sacred of laws on even foreign diplomats! 

Hard to imagine anyone not seeing the brilliance of BO on this one.

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