Saturday, December 07, 2013

Superpowers Return to Moon, Get Web Site Working

China launches its first moon rover mission:

While the declining US is busy trying to get a web site up to help deepen our multi-trillion deficits*  via a new health care "benefit",  China is attempting a soft landing on the moon with a rover this weekend.

China's plans include exploiting the moon for solar energy, mining and manufacturing.

They are spending 10's of billions on space including a manned program (they have their own manned space station). They seem to believe that there is some future beyond paying off debts and caring for a declining and dying elderly population.

Crazy fools. The intelligent folks are sitting around freezing here in the US worrying about Global Warming and anxiously awaiting new reports on our exciting new web site!

Ah, Irony. I used to love the US space program. Now I'm just bursting with pride that it looks like we my be making progress with an actual working web site!! ... at least BO says so, and if you like that, it must be true!  What a country!

*counting what the Fed is printing to buy bonds for nothing
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