Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Big Lie, Benghazi Edition

FITTON: A closer look at the Benghazi lie - Washington Times:

You can read through it if you want the sordid details, but the punchline is there is a lot of stuff they are STILL withholding. Keeping a nation apathetic is an important factor on the road to serfdom, so BO and the MSM do their best, and in a nation mostly bent on personal gratification, it isn't all that hard.

"The Big Lie" has been useful Statist Propaganda forever, but it is especially rich that the specific definition is from that Poster Child for Statists , Adolf himself!

One of the many uses of this technique is the BO "The most transparent administration in history". Which along with many of his other statements was never even remotely intended. ("If you like your health insurance you can keep it.")

So the photos that have been wrested from the State Department plainly show what we all know, BO and Hilly-Billy were completely lying about the "mobs all excited by YouTube". The maker of that film never the less remains incarcerated. Welcome to the Gulag.

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