Monday, December 16, 2013

The Defining Challenge of our Age!

Why Inequality Matters -

Both BO and Paul Krugman are convinced that Income Inequality is the "Defining Challenge of our Age". I'm not going to go look for links to quote today, but I bet that pretty much the exact same thing has been uttered over "Global Warming", "Racism", "Gun Violence" and maybe even "Intolerance" .. as "Challenge of the Age".

It is the age of "crisis" for sure, but still it is interesting to see that "hunger", "refugees", "epidemic" or "war" were not on that list. There are a lot worse lists of challenge that could be easily had.

Note also that "inequality" has replaced "poverty". In a world where most of the poor have smartphones, cars, cable, big screen TVs, video games, etc, and are bothered by obesity rather than hunger, it was time for re-branding. So much as "Global Warming" was re-branded to "Climate Change" as things began to cool (see first snow in Mideast in 112 years), "poverty" was due for an " upgrade" ... as in "Poverty 2.0, Income Inequality".

One thing REALLY nice about "inequality" is that it will still work out when ALL the "bottom quintile" have 2K Sq ft living space, two baths, a health-club membership, free medical, dental, a yearly vacation to a warmer climate (needed due to "Climate Change"), free education, two late model cars, guaranteed retirement income, and a minimum of $100K in investments ... and so on.

Why? Because as long as Paul Krugman and BO are around making what they make, with the lifestyle they have,  there will STILL be "inequality"!  What is more, even if all the "poor" all have their very own "Inequality Force One", there will STILL be "inequality".

The sad part however is that LONG before we are faced with that "crisis", the actions that BO and Krugman applaud will return us to where food, clothing, shelter and any prospects for a life other than  total despair again become the issue of the day. At that point, they MAY realize that people and nations have MUCH more pressing problems than taking money from one persons pocket and putting it in anothers, which is 80% of what our current "government" ( Federal Mafia?) does. Zero remains zero, as long as there is economic progress, economic inequality gets "worse".

Uninterestingly to anyone that has a basic understanding of reality, the more "redistribution" that as been done, the worse the "inequality" has gotten! But this never was about helping anyone, it was and is about acquiring more power for the ruling Democrat Party

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