Monday, December 09, 2013

The Myth of the Independent Press

America's economic mobility myth - Dec. 9, 2013:

One of the things that was formerly unique about America was that we had an independent press. When a Republican is in the WH we still do! But clearly not with BO, so much like Pravda in the days of the old USSR, when our "Dear Leader" decides to "pivot" to "income inequality", our lapdog MSM tries to help him as much as they can.

So CNN proudly tells us that US mobility is a "Myth". Meanwhile, the NYTs says "Location Matters" 

The Times article gives one a lot more ability to do some figuring on your own. A few elements seem to jump out ... the deep south is worse for mobility, some parts of the US are just as good or better than even the supposed leader ... Denmark. In looking at the map and areas like North Dakota, it seems that exploiting natural resources is very helpful ... which likely goes a long way to explaining Canada.

One can quickly figure out it is quite complicated if the US and Britain share poor numbers, since Britain is more socialist than the US, yet their numbers are WORSE!  Broken homes, certainly are a factor, but how about "once great nations in decline"? Britain and the US certainly fit that, Denmark never was great. France probably BELIEVES they are still both "great and exceptional", but .41 isn't really much better than the US and England.

So CNN does the BO "public service" by declaring mobility a "myth", but look a little closer at the NYTs article. They set the bar REALLY high ... from the BOTTOM 5th to the TOP 5th! That truly is the old Horatio Alger "Rags to Riches" story ... an AMAZING 35% chance to clear that HIGH bar if you happen to come from Williston or Dickinson ND!!

We really have no clue where CNN's "class mobility" is at. Bottom 5th to top would certainly cover that, but I'd think that just moving out of the bottom 5th would as well.

A look at the map in the NYTs article gives the lie to the CNN basic assertion that "a lot more redistribution, especially to education will fix this". I'm certain BO and his patron teachers union whole heartedly agree, but does anyone really believe that schools in Williston or Dickinson ND are THAT much better? Let alone that ND has the kind a redistributive tax policy that makes this kind of success happen????

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