Friday, December 20, 2013

The Myth of Reagan's "Welfare Queen"

The Welfare Queen: Reagan Vindicated Again | Power Line:

As the link points out, she WAS of course factual, but that isn't what the narrative of the myth says, so it will live on rather than the truth.

It is like Whittaker Chambers and Alger Hiss.he left hated Nixon, Chambers and of course McCarthy for convicting an "innocent man". The evidence was pretty irrefutable even then, but with the fall of the USSR, the KGB files were opened and we got to see the verification of his status from that side.

The myth of Hiss being innocent is still what lives on for the left.

I would be completely unsurprised to see the planet slip into the next ice age in the next few hundred years with the GW rebranded as "Climate Change" folks watching the plants die and the snow pile up into continental glaciers while billions die, lamenting it was "human caused". Snow covered solar panels and frozen wind turbines will be a fitting monument to human hubris.

Myth, belief and faith are marvelous ways for humans to deal with the ultimate questions of meaning and eternity which are unanswerable scientifically. They have drawn man together in working social units for millennia, and in the case of Western Civilization, created a Judaeo Christian motivated culture that once conquered the "world" .. the human part at least, and went a long way toward blunting the harshness of the "natural" life for a couple hundred years.

Our brains only work on stories/myth. If we give up transcendent myth, then we become slaves to earthly myth with predictable disastrous results.

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