Wednesday, December 11, 2013

W Disses Mandela

He Didn’t Bow!! | Power Line:

Please just consider for a second or two W taking a laughing smiling  "selfie" with a blonde at Mandela's funeral. (never mind she is the leader of Denmark, this was NOT a "state action"!)

First it is is a great disservice to a solid President and decent man to even SUGGEST the idea of W behaving like BO! It would NEVER happen!!

In an alternative universe where something like that did happen with W, the media would be completely APOCALYPTIC!!! Oh, the embarrassment to the nation! Oh the RACISM! Oh the horror of our "appointed president" showing his incompetence, immaturity, selfishness, lack of respect, lack of decorum ..." and the list would go on.

In a lot of other situations I would cut a president some slack ... out at a sporting or other event, on the golf course, etc, but this was a STATE FUNERAL for God's sake. How could he POSSIBLY think that was appropriate behavior. But of course, we know ... he is a narcissist, and what he wants to do is what counts!

Naturally, the next time such a thing happens in a supposedly completely off-camera setting and is captured by the MSM, it will be a significant news story. Because as Cronkite used to say "and that's the way it is".

Now that you have your imagination warmed up, just think of what China, North Korea, Putin, Arab leaders ... and on and on think when they see this. The international stage, like nature, abhors a vacuum!! China is landing on the moon and flexing it's muscles over the contested islands. We have just handed the Ukraine to Putin. We have just capitulation in Syria and Iran. This is the greatest opportunity for our enemies to give us a large and unpleasant surprise, and the leaders of the formerly great powers,  the UK and the US are behaving like poorly raised teenagers!! What a Christmas present to the bad guys!

Seeing something like that is so unbelievable that in makes me wonder if I'm really still sane or just imagining it!

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