Saturday, December 07, 2013

When Will the Wind Blow or Sun Shine?

Green Weenie of the Year: The Wind-Talkers | Power Line:

or what will the temperature be in a few days? A few days ago it was going to be in 20's tomorrow for a shooting event at the gun club. Now it says 18 degrees. Somehow it is shocking to nobody that our weather geniuses can predict the warming of our temperatures 100 years in the future to a half a degree, yet they often can't get within 5 degrees on the temp 3-5 days from now!

Oh, BTW, that is NOT the same as saying you know I will die someday, you just don't know when. It is more akin to predicting my weight on Jan 1 and the day I die within a pound (although MUCH harder, since the planet is even bigger than me. EVEN on January 1!!!)

Here we have a quote on the obvious from the not very right wing LA Times:
 "Green energy is the least predictable kind. Nobody can say for certain when the wind will blow or the sun will shine. A field of solar panels might be cranking out huge amounts of energy one minute and a tiny amount the next if a thick cloud arrives. In many cases, renewable resources exist where transmission lines don’t."
So it isn't very reliable, it costs too much to build without subsidies, and it kills tons of birds, bats and even Eagles.

Show them an oil soaked duck and they cry big tears. Show them piles of dead birds and bats and even a few eagles, and they yawn and extend the killing permits for 30 years.

Environmental thinking reminds me of liberal thinking on military action. If we can likely be successful and it is good for our national interests, then it is a BAD idea. If the action is neutral to negative for American interests and our prospects for success are small, then the liberal is all set to dive in!

When we used to be a rich world power, this may have been OK. Now that we are a declining debtor nation, it is less humorous!

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