Saturday, December 21, 2013

You Will Be Made to Care!

A&E fowls up 'Duck' flap: Column:

Excellent column, well worth the read.

I am reminded of "Cool Hand Luke" and the "What we have here is a failure to communicate". DD has apparently messed with the "man with no eyes".

The ratchet of totalitarianism tightens slowly but inexorably once the restriction of LIMITED government has been lifted.

It is true that DD is not a 1st amendment issue. YET.  However the action of A&E and the broad set of "liberal" groups that would never watch the show, but now demand one of it's key guys be removed for quoting from the Bible shows that our culture has become very willing to censor free speech and thought to the degree possible.  When the Rule of Law has been replaced by Rule of Mob as it has been here, the heavy hand of the state is not far behind the mob.

Christians are told to "turn the channel if you don't like it" ... but of course the popular culture is oppressive, inculcated in the public and advanced education and entertainment / "news". We are soaking in it ... and have as much choice to "turn it off" as we do to stop breathing. We could withdraw like the Amish, but otherwise our options are few to none.

Consider the opposite case. How likely is it that a gay will forced to read GQ or watch DD?? Turning the channel is a totally easy option there, but not good enough in this case. People must be forced to see it the gay way.

The term "liberal" is such a classic example of Orwellian double speak. One would believe that a "liberal" would be defending the speech wherever, ESPECIALLY "unpopular speech". At one time the ACLU would even defend Nazis ... although, Nazis are a lot closer to current "liberals" than DD!

"NOT liberal", or "controlling" or "fascist" is a much more accurate term for today's "liberals" and "progressives". You will be made to get your mind right ... even lip service is not sufficient. You MUST see the world their way!

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